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Swine Producers' Insights: Highlights from NC Pork Conference Listening Sessions

The Real Pork Trust Consortium (RPTC), represented by teams from Iowa State University and North Carolina State University, held a series of listening sessions with swine producers at the NC Pork Annual Conference on February 28th. The sessions, which attracted around 50 participants, aimed to delve into producers’ experiences and challenges communicating with consumers.

To kick off the listening sessions, Dr. Masambuka-Kanchewa introduced the participants to RPTC and the team's objectives, emphasizing the importance of trust-building. She shared the importance of capitalizing on the shared values between consumers and producers as a key to building trusting relationships which is crucial for the success of the pork industry.

Dr. Masambuka-Kanchewa speaking with listening session participants prior to beginning
Dr. Masambuka-Kanchewa speaks about the importance of building trust with members of NC Pork.

During the sessions, many producers echoed the need for transparency across the pork industry to help connect better with consumers. They suggested various methods to enhance consumer engagement, including organizing farm tours, targeting younger generations through educational initiatives, and creating informative videos about pork production.

Conversations also highlighted common misconceptions consumers have about the pork industry, such as concerns about antibiotic usage and product labeling. It is clear that swine producers are aware of consumers' reservations toward the industry and want to seek ways to address them.

Looking ahead, the RPTC researchers will shift their focus to conducting listening sessions with consumers. This step will further inform their efforts to bridge the communication gap between swine producers and consumers. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting development and read more about the RPTC's mission, vision, and goals.


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