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pork training session

Training Strategy

We are developing training materials and content to enhance knowledge within pork production and towards society and consumers. These training materials address concerns about the pork production system, its sustainability, and the role pork plays in our society as a whole.


By equipping people with science based knowledge on how pork is produced, its role in our everyday diet and educating people on the value the pork industry contributes to society, public trust in the pork supply chain will be increased.

The Real Pork Trust Consortium creates innovative educational opportunities for current and future pork producers and allied industry partners, journalists, social media influencers, and science communicators while considering the changing and complex nature of the U.S. pork industry.

pork researchers during training

Training Strategies

Leadership development of future pork industry experts through classes on leadership, crisis management, and public issues of concern.

Leadership Development

Support of pork industry professionals by providing training through workshops, online courses, and in-person meetings.

Training for Pork Industry Professionals 

Development of media training based on evidence-based science communication research.

Media Training

Tailored curriculum development and creation of modules that emphasize the relationship between pork, the planet, and people.

Curriculum Development

Stay tuned for development of training resources.

Training Resources

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