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  • Real Pork Trust Consortium

Connecting with Consumers: Swine Producers Prioritize Personal Connections

As one way of identifying pork producer’s experiences communicating with the public, RPTC researchers and their graduate students from Iowa State University held listening sessions with swine producers in four Iowa Counties including Pocahontas, Waverly, Washington, and Atlantic. A total of 35 swine producers took part in the listening sessions, sharing with RPTC members their challenges, successes and willingness to communicate the science behind pork production. Producers shared a vast array of ideas, concerns, and interest in understanding consumer concerns and meeting them where they are to ensure effective communication. Among others, the producers emphasized the importance of personal connection when communicating with the public. Swine producers want to get to know their customers and answer their questions.

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The results of these sessions will be combined with other listening sessions being held in Minnesota and North Carolina so the Real Pork Trust Consortium can address producer communication needs with effective training and develop student experiences that will ensure a future workforce prepared to address their current challenges.


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