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Communication Strategy

We fine-tune our messages to resonate with target audiences based on their questions about raising pigs and pork as a product. 


By refining our communication with diverse audiences based on their informational needs, we empower them to make informed decisions about the pork industry and the pork they eat.

The Real Pork Trust Consortium uses evidence-based science communication strategies to share research about pork and pork production.

two piglets

Science Communication Research Strategies

Listening sessions with pork producers and allied industry partners.

Listening to Producers

Listening sessions with key consumer audiences across the U.S.

Listening to Consumers

Nationwide surveys with U.S. audiences to understand their thoughts around consuming pork.

Surveys on Consuming Pork

Nationwide surveys with U.S. audiences to explore perceptions of raising pigs.

Surveys on Raising Pigs

Examining existing public conversations on social media to identify key areas of opportunity to communicate about pork online.

Tuning Into Important Conversations

Stay tuned for resources you can use when communicating about pork.

Communication Resources

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