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Sow and Tell: A Recap of RPTC CALS Donor Appreciation Event Presentation

Dr. Todd See, Dr. Katie Sanders, and Elisabeth Ramsey, along with co-presenters Dr. Dana Hanson and Dr. Suzanne Leonard, were invited to present their swine-focused research at the NC State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) Donor Appreciation Event this March. The event provided a platform to showcase Real Pork Trust Consortium (RPTC) research and engage with a new audience passionate about agricultural science.

Dr. Katie Sanders presenting
Dr. Katie Sanders presents about agricultural communication. Photo Courtesy of Charles Dickens Photography.

Dr. Sanders discussed her Agricultural Communicators Program, emphasizing the importance of science communication training. Her presentation resonated with the audience, highlighting the crucial role of effective communication in the agricultural sector, including the communication training that is a key element of RPTC strategy.

Elisabeth Ramsey had the honor of presenting her research foci with RPTC, focusing on Cultural Foodways and Rituals of Pork. She also discussed the challenges and strategies of communicating with diverse audiences in the pork industry. It was inspiring to see how her research could impact and resonate with others, and the feedback she received, including from the CALS Dean, was both gratifying and motivating.

The team of presenters in front the audience during the CALS Donor Event
A collection of donors and stakeholders from NC State's CALS attended the event. Photo Courtesy of Charles Dickens Photography.

The event not only allowed part of the RPTC team to showcase their work but also provided a platform to connect with individuals who share their passion for science communication. The team is grateful for the opportunity to share their research and looks forward to future collaborations and opportunities to engage with the community.

Thank you to CALS for organizing this event and to all the donors and attendees who made it such a success. We are excited to continue our journey in the science communication field and make a positive impact in the agricultural industry.

Dr. Todd See introducing the sessions presenters
Dr. Todd See, who leads the training element of the Real Pork Trust Consortium, leads introductions at the CALS Donor Appreciation Event. Photo Courtesy of Charles Dickens Photography.


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