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Students Analyze Media Portrayal of Swine Production

RPTC members Dr. Fallys Masambuka-Kanchewa, Dr. Katie Sanders and Dr. Alexa Lamm each led groups of students enrolled in science communication courses at their respective universities (Iowa State University, North Carolina State University, and the University of Georgia) through an analysis of a media portrayal of the pork industry. During the activity, students were asked to analyze a newspaper article published the week before by a major media outlet, therefore bringing real-time engagement with the media and the pork industry into the classroom.

students learning in a classroom

The activity was designed to assist students in understanding how the agricultural industry is often portrayed, ensure they develop the knowledge and skills needed to properly analyze media content of targeted efforts, and appreciate the impact of media portrayal on the pork industry. 57 students participated in the activity across their three courses and engaged in a reflective activity. Student reflections of the analysis process were further analyzed with the results being shared in a research poster at the National Agricultural Communications Symposium held in Atlanta, Georgia in February. Stay tuned for further results and the impact of RPTC student training.


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