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Standing Room Only: Real Pork Trust Consortium Shines at World Pork Expo Panel

Members of the Real Pork Trust Consortium, Dr. Nicholas Gabler, Dr. Alexa Lamm, Dr. Katie Sanders, and Dr. Pedro Urriola participated in a panel at the 2024 World Pork Expo on June 5th to discuss their priorities and initiatives with pork producers. The event drew a crowd of over 150 attendees, including current and past leadership from the National Pork Board (NPB).

(from left to right) Dr. Nicholas Gabler, Dr. Pedro Urriola, Dr. Katie Sanders, & Dr. Alexa Lamn sitting in front of a crowd during their panel at the World Pork Expo
(Left to right) Dr. Nicholas Gabler, Dr. Pedro Urriola, Dr. Katie Sanders, & Dr. Alexa Lamn sit on a panel answering questions about the Real Pork Trust Consortium during an event at the World Pork Expo.

The panel discussion was dynamic, featuring an in-depth dialogue about the myths and misconceptions surrounding pork. Gabler, one of the Consortium leaders, emphasized the importance of gap analyses to determine whether information about pork is evidence-based or merely a myth. “Feeding this information back to the National Pork Board will help us develop research targets,” he explained.

The Consortium's new social media platform, currently focused on industry stakeholders, was also highlighted. Alexa Lamm, a professor of science communication at the University of Georgia, shared insights from consumer listening sessions. These sessions addressed food safety concerns and the health benefits of pork, aiming to improve communication about pork’s role in a healthy diet.

(from left to right) Dr. Nicholas Gabler, Dr. Pedro Urriola, & Dr. Katie Sanders looking towards Dr. Alexa Lamn as she speaks to the crowd during their panel

The Consortium team discussed how they are creating consumer personas to tailor communication strategies to diverse consumer groups. Pedro Urriola from the University of Minnesota noted that consumers are particularly interested in food safety and antibiotic use. The Consortium's research aligns with the pork industry's We Care® Ethical Principles to address these concerns.

Katie Sanders from North Carolina State University spoke about training the next generation through the Real Pork Scholars program. The program grounds students in scientific research and communication, ensuring they can effectively share their findings with the public. “We’re looking at the trainings taking place and the gaps where the Consortium can offer support,” Sanders added.

A large crowd gathered to listen to (from left to right) Dr. Nicholas Gabler, Dr. Pedro Urriola, Dr. Katie Sanders, & Dr. Alexa Lamn speak on their panel at the World Pork Expo
A crowd of more than 150 attendees gathered to listen to the Real Pork Trust Consortium panel discussion.

The Consortium plans to continue holding listening sessions across various states to understand producer concerns and public perceptions. These sessions will inform future research and outreach efforts.

The panel at the World Pork Expo underscored the Consortium’s commitment to addressing industry myths, improving public communication, and supporting producers' freedom to operate. The event fostered valuable discussions and set the stage for future initiatives aimed at enhancing the pork industry’s transparency and trust with consumers.

The Real Pork Trust Consortium extends gratitude to the World Pork Expo organizers, the National Pork Board leadership, and all the attendees for their participation and engagement. Special thanks to the Consortium members for their dedication to advancing pork research and communication.

Learn more about our Research Team and see the RPTC’s impact in your state by visiting our website. Stay tuned for future updates and developments from the Real Pork Trust Consortium!


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