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Lamm Introduces Real Pork Trust Consortium at the Protein PACT Summit

Dr. Alexa Lamm, RPTC communication lead, introduced the Real Pork Trust Consortium to the protein industry while providing a presentation on Confronting Myths and Consequences of Policy in the Meat Industry at the Protein PACT Summit, a dynamic protein industry event held by the North American Meat Institute every year. She shared how important it is to get to know your audiences, listen to consumers, and meet them where they are to develop trusting relationships over time that will result in informed decision making.

Over 500 members representing all sectors of the protein industry were present from around the world. Dr. Lamm is a member of the Protein PACT academic advisory board. Her presentation was complimented by Dr. Craig Gundersen, also a member of the Protein PACT academic advisory board. You can see the full video of her presentation here:


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